Welcome to Great Basin Basket CSA!

ES direct

We are no longer taking CSA or Fruit Basket subscriptions.

Check back in 2017 for the baskets.  We will be switching who is running our baskets, and are working to make it seemless.  Have a great day!

Great_Basin_LogoGreat Basin Basket is a partnership of Northern Nevada farmers whose mission is to provide families with high quality, seasonal produce grown on local, sustainable farms. When you join and become a member, you are providing your family the freshest, tastiest produce, supporting local farms and supporting our local economy.

Kelley LogoNestled in the Snake River Canyon, Kelley’s Canyon Orchard has been family owned and operated for more than 100 years. Our family are caretakers of trees and bring locally grown fruit to folks that enjoy the sweetness of a ripe peach, or the crisp crunch of a fall apple.