How much food is included in the basket?
A weekly or bi-weekly basket typically feeds 3 to 4 people. Each week has a variety of fresh produce, depending on the season and Mother Nature! Consider it a supplement to your weekly groceries and enough to feed a small family. Often you'll receive more produce during the middle and end of summer when it's peak harvest season.

What will be included in my weekly basket?
You'll be eating in tune with the seasons! A variety of vegetables and fruit are offered that are grown in Northern Nevada from spring to autumn. The growing cycle yields different crops at different times. For instance, corn won't be available in June, yet in August and September it may be bountiful. CSAs are a wonderful lesson in seasonal eating.

Is your food organic?
Most, but not all of our food is organic. Lattin Farms, one of the larger producers, is a certified organic farm, as are many of our other farmers. We support and buy from local family farms who are good stewards of the land although they may not be 100% organic.

How local is your produce?
Most of our farms are within 100 miles of Reno. Occasionally, they are farther. Our mission is to support small, local, sustainable family farms.

Will there be any fruit?
Melon and berries will be in your basket in late summer, along with seasonal vegetables.  Look for Fallon's famous melons in late summer!

What if I'm out of town or on vacation and can't pick up my basket?
If you know you will be unable to pick up a basket on a particular week, we may be able to make accommodations.  We just ask you notify us as soon as possible and we can review your options.  We cannot give credit for missed weeks. If you can't pick up your basket during any week, why not arrange for a family member or friend to pick it up and enjoy it? Otherwise, baskets not picked up will be given to charity.

Can you change my delivery day for a week or two  if I can't pick up my basket on my scheduled day?
We understand that life can be unexpected.  With that in mind, we may be able to make exceptions, but we ask for at least a weeks notice in order to do so.  Everything is done in a short period of time to make sure you're getting the freshest produce possible and getting sufficient notice helps in our process.

More questions? Contact us!