Meet Your Farmers

Great Basin Basket is a partnership of Nevada farmers whose mission is to provide families with high-quality, seasonal produce grown on local, sustainable farms.

Our Growers - Below are some of the farms that contribute to Great Basin Basket CSA. We partner with several farms that grow for us every year, and we purchase from others on an occasional basis. Quality is our number one criteria along with providing as much organically-grown produce as possible. We support small farms using earth-friendly growing practices.

Coblentz Family Farm, Fallon- Our family started growing several varieties of onions to sell to local people in 2010. As parents, we thought it would be a good way for our kids to learn about business, work, and growing food for the community. As for the kids, they just wanted to earn money. Turns out it’s meeting all our needs! We grow the onions in our own backyard along with the fruits and vegetables we normally grow for our own family.

Holley Family Farms, Dayton-In 1970, Cecil Holley returned to his roots as a Depression-era, Texas farm boy when he purchased a cattle and alfalfa ranch in Dayton, Nevada.  Forty years later, Cecil’s grandson Rob Holley, along with Rob’s wife Loni and their three children, continue to farm the Holley Ranch to provide locally and organically-produced vegetables.

Kelley's Canyon Orchard- Nestled in the Snake River Canyon, Kelley’s Canyon Orchard has been family owned and operated for more than 100 years. Our family are caretakers of trees and bring locally grown fruit to folks that enjoy the sweetness of a ripe peach, or the crisp crunch of a fall apple.

Lattin Farms, Fallon - Farmer Rick Lattin of Lattin Farms is a fourth generation farmer, and most of the produce in your basket comes from his certified organic farm in Fallon. Rick is a leader in small farm agriculture sharing his knowledge and resources with other farmers. In addition to the Great Basin Basket CSA, Rick's farm is host to a Fall Festival, which includes a corn maze and pumpkin patch in the fall, and Growers Market that is open six days a week during harvest season, carrying produce from several local farmers.

Mewaldt Organics, Fallon- Bill has a PhD in biology and Korena is a Master Gardener.  Together they match theory  with practical knowledge to offer what they believe is the only sensible way to grow food.  Working with nature is always easier and more productive than fighting it.   We challenge all sorts of food crops to our local environment and save the seeds of the successful ones to act as parents of the next generation.

Pioneer Farms, Fallon-Scott Goodpasture of Pioneer Farms has been farming in the Fallon area since he was 18 years old. Over the years he has grown a variety of row crops.  In the past few years, Pioneer Farms has been steadily adding specialty crops to its list of endeavors, evolving right along with the interest in local food. In the past, Scott  has been  known for his incredible melons. But now he is making his mark with things such as gigantic beautiful heads of Romaine lettuce, cabbage, and broccoli, just to name a few items.

River Bend Turf, Fallon  -This farm is run by Bruce and Barb Lewis.  Their families have been in Fallon for several generations.  They are onlyNot only do they grow turf for the surrounding area, but they also grow produce that is included in the baskets such as corn, radishes, and peas.

Snyder Onions, Yerington-Mason Valley is one of the premier onion producing areas in the world and Snyder Livestock is the choice onion producer in the valley. We are not the largest onion growers, but our customers will agree that our onions are second to none. This year, we have decided to use our skills to grow produce for the CSA baskets.