Pepper Information and Tips

Islander PeppersIslander Peppers are 3-lobed, medium-size, thick-fleshed peppers with a mild, slightly sweet taste. Fruits ripen through a showy stage of violet, yellow and orange streaks, eventually turning a rich, very dark red.  They have the taste of a green bell pepper, but with an explosion color.  A fun addition to your salads or veggie trays.

Romanian PeppersRomanian Peppers turn from pale yellow to red when mature.  They originated from Jan Antohi, a touring acrobat from Romania who defected to the U.S.  In late 1991, he visited his family back in Romania and brought back these heirloom seeds.  Romanians fry these in a hot skillet to experience the sweet, full flavor, but you can also enjoy them raw or in dishes such as pastas and chili.  It is one of our favorites here on the farm.

Carmen Sweet Peppers-
‘Carmen’ is an improved sweet pepper with an unusual shape. Carmen SweetMost gardeners think of a bell shape when “sweet” peppers are mentioned. Not so any more. ‘Carmen’ is an Italian bull’s horn type which refers to its elongated shape, about 6 inches long. The medium thick flesh is the sweetest when it is ripe red, but ‘Carmen’ peppers are sweet even when immature or green. One of the improved traits is the earliness to ripe red.